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DIY Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Leave You Broke.

When the topic of home improvements is broached, most people think it’s cost prohibitive and don’t even bother to explore options. Well, I did my research and there are tons of great ideas out there that are very affordable. Making small improvements can add value to any home and enhance the holiday feel. Here are some pretty cool DIYs:

1. Revamp An Existing Mirror

Adding a frame and shelves can really make a big difference. Click For Instructions:


2.  Painting The Ceiling A Different Color.

Ceiling paint colors can visually alter the size of a room. Towering, vaulted white ceilings tend to make a room appear cold and bare. Applying a paint color that’s at least two or three shades darker than the existing wall color helps to “shrink” the visual size of a room. In addition, dark paint colors are inclined to create the illusion of a lower ceiling and cozier space. Paints with a matte or flat finish create a velvety look to cover cosmetic blemishes. Conversely, a small room with a low ceiling that’s painted in a light color can visually raise the ceiling, creating a more spacious-looking room. Use a paint color that’s two or three shades lighter than the existing wall color to bring about this airy effect. Select a crisp white ceiling paint in a glossy finish to create the greatest visual expansion in a room.
Painting a ceiling the same color as the existing walls supplies a uniform, monochromatic look. This technique works especially well for light, neutral colors — soft beige, off-white and light gray. Continuous color tends to envelope a room, providing a neutral background for colorful contrasts. For example, painting the walls and ceiling in soft beige creates a striking contrast against dark, hardwood flooring, furniture and window treatments. Dark ceiling and wall colors can also work well in a room that’s filled with abundant natural light. Avoid dark ceiling and wall colors in a room lacking natural light; it can appear dismal and dreary.

Source: Houzz
Source : House Of Turquoise

3.  Add Wood To Wall

This idea can really transform a room or hallway. Here are two ways you can add some character, simply by adding wood planks to a wall.

 Here is a video of the other way. How To White Shiplap Wood Wall On Youtube

4.  Trade In A Plain Door For A Barn Door

I’ve been wanting a barn door for so long, but thought it would cost too much, making me give up on the idea —  until now! You can have a modern barn door for under $50 bucks. Yay!!

Click for instructions:

Source: Paper Daisy Design

5. Hang Curtains High and Wide

Hanging curtains high and wide can give the illusion of higher ceilings and bigger windows.  I have tried this in my own home and it works.



Well, I hope someone finds these projects helpful and gives them a try. I know I will.

Good Luck,




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