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Things to Do in Hopewell For Halloween

Our favorite holiday is Halloween. For us, it’s representative of fall, filled with fun and interesting decorations, and isn’t the monetary sinkhole that comes with Christmas. In the Hopewell area, there are lots of family friendly things to do.

Here are some of our favorites.

Howell Living History Farm Corn Maze

17 Valley Road
Hopewell Township, NJ 08530


We’ve been to a lot of corn mazes over the years, most of which were whimsical and fun. But the Howell Farm corn maze is next level. This is like an amusement park for corn mazes. It’s a competitive maze that is filled with riddles and a points system, that makes this an incredible experience. Just outside the maze is a small cafeteria setting with lots of cider and pumpkin pie. Trust me when I tell you, this is lots of fun.

Shadybrook Farm, Horrorfest

931 Stony Hill Rd
Yardley, PA 19067


We went here for the first time this year and loved it. This isn’t just a place with scary hayrides and haunted barns. The place is immense, filled with wood burning fire pits and people busy roasting marshmallows. It has concession stands, a small feeding animal section, pumpkin patch  — and a sundry of other things to do. It’s worth noting, the haunted hayride is very theatrical and scared the heck out of the kids.

Trick or Treating

Brandon Farms
Pennington, NJ


In all of my years trick of treating, out of all of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, none were as fun and festive as Chicory Lane in Brandon Farms, Pennington. Almost every house on Chicory is decorated and eager to hand out generous portions of sugary snacks to the kids. It simply is a pleasure and a ‘the place to trick or treat’ for those who live in Brandon Farms.

I won’t droll on about local farms and pumpkin patches, since I’ll need something to talk about next year. Our family likes to try new things and we’re always on the look out for great experiences. For me, Halloween is about something sweet, something scary and something fun. I believe the three activities above will cover your bases if you’re lucky enough to live in the area.


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